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ShariBazar Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem, or just want to better understand how things work, you’ll find many ways to learn more right here! Please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) below to find immediate answers to your questions. Or in case you still need help, please contact us here.

General Questions

ShariBazar is Bangladesh's largest Online Shopping Community where buyers meet to make awesome deals. At ShariBazar, we pride ourselves in offering the best prices online in Bangladesh for nearly all items sold ranging from fashion and jewelry. ShariBazar is the "one stop shop" for buyers looking for top deals to rock their sales.

ShariBazar Online Shopping Community comprises of millions of genuine buyers completing thousands of transactions every day. ShariBazar are based across the country bringing in wide variety of female products and Jewelries offering the best price in the market.

As a buyer, whether you are looking for a dress for your wife or the latest collection of jewelries, you can find a selection that works for you with convenient payment methods and reliable product delivery.

Buying on ShariBazar is a simple process. All that you need to do is to register for an account to get started. Simply follow the steps below to complete your registration today!
  • Click on Login on the right top corner of the page.
  • Click Create a new account (in desktop) or I am a new customer (on your mobile device) under the new member section.
  • Fill up the form to complete the registration.
No. You only need one account in order to buy any product.


Account Troubleshooting

To retrieve your password, click here or go to the Login page and click on Forgot Password? You will be asked to fill in and submit your email address. After doing so, you will receive an email which enables you to reset your password.
Yes. You need to:
  • Login to your ShariBazar account and click Login located at the right top corner of the homepage.
  • Then click Account Settings from the left hand selection of your screen.
  • Finally click Change Email located at the bottom right of the page to change your email address.
  • Make sure that you don't already hold a ShariBazar account, retrieve your login details here or contact us here if you want help.
  • Make sure you have filled out all required fields on the registration page.
  • Click on Register and take a look at the information highlighted in red to be changed or filled.
  • Once the registration form is filled out and submitted, an email notification will be sent to your email account with a link to validate your account. Please access your email to validate your account.

If you continue to experience problems, please send an email including your phone number to sharibazarbd@gmail.com. We will call you back ASAP and walk you through the registration process.



ShariBazar is 100% free for buyers. We are here to open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.
All items sold on our website are owned by ShariBazar. Only ShariBazar add the products by their own authority. ShariBazar add products of different brands.


Buying an Item

There are two easy steps to find a product of your choice on ShariBazar. Method A - Explore Categories If you are not sure of what product you want to buy or if you simply want to explore the range of items on ShariBazar, you can browse the list of categories on the shop page. Review your search results pages by price, condition of product and item, city and if you see something you're interested in, click on the product name to view more details. Method B - Search Box If you are sure of what product you want to buy, simply go to the search box on the homepage, enter a few words describing what you are looking for, and click Search. A search results page of ShariBazar listings will be displayed. Review your search results pages by price, condition of product and item, city and if you see something you're interested in, click on the product name to view more details.
  • Please review the section above to find a product of your choice.
  • Then click on the product name to view more details (price, size, color and condition etc.).
  • Once you are sure you want to buy, click BUY NOW / Add to Cart button to proceed to the checkout. Review the price and the shipping cost before completing the purchase.
  • Finally, click Checkout or Confirm your Purchase to place an order.
  • We will then send an email with a link for Order Confirmation of your purchase.


Shipping Information

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. The shipping price should be displayed at the time of purchase. You can always contact our Customer Service Team by clicking here.
Yes. ShariBazar encourages you to pick up the item for the following reasons:
  • It is safe. You can inspect the product before you hand over the money
  • It is for free. You don't have to pay for delivery
  • It is quick. Contact ShariBazar and ask when you can come along and pick up.


Payment Information

For more information on available payment methods and security questions, please click here.
Prices are fixed and non-negotiable.


ShariBazar Rating System

ShariBazar is an Online Shopping Community where members engage with one another. We urge you to share your experience by rating and commenting on the service provided by the ShariBazar. This provides other community members a better understanding of what they can expect from ShariBazar. It also helps increase transparency between members and gives a reason to constantly improve the quality of their services.


For Buyers

Users are asked to provide feedback of their experience right after their order has been completed on ShariBazar. This serves as a guide for other Users who may be interested to buy the same product from ShariBazar.
  • The rating system is based on a 1- to-5-star scale where 5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star is the lowest.
  • Ratings and feedbacks become visible on each product page under the review section.
Comment on rate product on your overall experience of the service provided by ShariBazar.
You can simply give the rate on any product you want and add comment depending on your experience.
ShariBazar reserves the right to remove feedback that isn't directly related to the buying experience or where language is considered inappropriate. If your comments include any of the following, your feedback is subject to removal:
  • Promotional content: This includes anything of a promotional nature such as comments about or links to other merchants or websites.
  • Obscene or abusive language: Please use helpful and appropriate language when participating in the ShariBazar Community
  • Personal information: You shouldn't include information that identifies other ShariBazar users